Brent Parlane is one of Australia’s most respected singer-songwriters. For over thirty years his soulfully crafted songs have wooed audiences nationwide. Lately he’s gone through a purple patch, having composed a swag of fresh songs, and with a new band is making an impressive impact on the Melbourne music scene. During his career Brent has toured and performed on the same bill as The New Seekers, Muddy Waters,Little Richard,Black Sabbath,Eric Clapton,The Eagles, BB King, Jesse Winchester, Guy Clark, Chris Hillman, Kasey and Bill Chambers and many more.


Since turning professional in 1977 David Hicks (Drums) has toured with many of Australia’s legends including Max MerrittDoug ParkinsonColleen Hewitt, Glenn Shorrock, Brian CaddNormie Rowe and Andy Cowan…and of course in 2014 The Seekers on their UK/Australasian tours.In Melbourne, David freelances in bands such as the Whirling FurphiesDaryl McKenzie Jazz Orchestra and Allan Zavod Trio, as well as corporate work backing David CampbellBob Valentine and Tom Burlinson. David has been playing in theatre pits since 1988, most recently in Wicked, Mary Poppins, The Producers and West Side Story



Stephen Blackburn, (Keyboard) is known best for his television performances on he ABC and Channel Seven comedy series Australia You're Standing In It and Fast Forward. Stephen has also enjoyed a parallel career as a music composer director and producer for the same programs. More recently he worked as accompanist, arranger and recording producer for The Choir of Hard Knocks. He also  produces recorded music in various genres for a number of fine Australian musical artists.


Co Tipping (Guitar) has been a force de majeure in the Melbourne roots music scene for over 20 years. With exceptional guitar talent and larger than life stage presence Co makes an energetic imprint on the band’s personality. He has played with Russell Morris, Bob Valentine, Wendy Stapleton, Wilbur Wilde, Paul Norton, Brian Mannix, The Lowriders and Quadrajet.



Often described by Jim Keays as “the best bass player in the price range” Rob Hornbuckle’s (Bass) playing has laid the bedrock for some of the country’s finest performers, including Archie Roach, Chris Wilson, Geoff Achison, the Phantom Band, and the Masters Apprentices. His signature ‘in the groove’ playing style and stratospheric backing vocals are integral to the band’s flavor and appeal.

 Wise words! From Jeff Richardson ABC Radio

" Brent Parlane and His Band make music for grownups; serious, funny, beautifully crafted songs, exquisitely arranged and performed.

Brent is an established and artful singer-songwriter. 

His new band, with a bunch of new songs, takes his career to a new level.

The repertoire includes some of the very best songs from Brent's catalog.
And the show also reminds audiences that Brent is an accomplished and authentic singer of standards from the folk tradition.

But it’s the new songs, sly and sophisticated, that take Brent and the band into new territory.

A compact but very full sound showcases songs that are the work of a mature composer.

A very tight rhythm section(Rob Hornbukle Bass & David Hicks Drums) backs a classic guitar lineup, Gibson SG and Fender Stratocaster, 

The guitar players payers, Co Tipping and Trevor Reading, bring the full spectrum of accumulated guitar wisdom and a full aural palette to colour and complement the songs. The result is soaring, engaging music.

Brent is a genuine band leader, with showmanship, stagecraft and delivery that’s descended straight from Al Bowly.

And the band rocks."

Jeff Richardson ABC Radio